…I have used Karen’s services since 2007 to manage my paperwork. Sometimes we work together but most often I give Karen instructions and she works on her own. One thing that I like about Karen is that she is a good listener. She will listen to me as I describe what I would like to accomplish and how I would like that to happen. Sometimes she will gently suggest a slightly different way to do the task. From her professional point of view, her way may be a better way to do the task but she always gives me the choice. I like that. Another thing I appreciate is her commitment to keeping confidential information just that, confidential. Karen works efficiently, which means she accomplishes the work in less time than I generally expect it to take. I like that too! When we work together, we have a lot of fun! Finally, when the work is completed, I am thrilled because the sorting and organizing is like a weight that’s been lifted off my shoulders. This then allows me to proceed with some other work which was stalled because I needed to do the sorting and organizing that Karen did for me, but in much less time than it would have taken me. I would enthusiastically recommend Karen to anyone!

Stephanie K

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