…Last year I was faced with a heart wrenching situation. I live in British Columbia and my mother lived in Oakville Ontario. Sadly she passed away last October. She lived in her home until she passed and had a lifetime of belongings and memories in her home. Being an only child made her passing very sad and difficult for me and to then face the task of packing up her home with respect and honour from so far away was next to impossible for me. I felt completely overwhelmed until I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Buchanan from Solutions 2 Organize U. Not only was she compassionate and understanding to my situation ….she was able to pack up all of my mother’s belongings and furniture with the greatest respect and consideration possible. Karen is extremely organized and thorough. She made sure that most of the items could be passed on to charity or recycled in some way. She checked in with me when needed and made the whole experience as positive as it could be. I can’t really find the words to thank Karen as she was a true Godsend to me.


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