…It was under unfortunate circumstances, a fire in our home, that I met Karen. She was called in to help clear out the house where I live. Until the entire house could clear of possessions, the crew would not be able to get started on the task of seeing the internal damage and begin renovations. The first time I met her, she had a friendly smile with open arms, to start off what was a tough day ahead. Her calm clear head allowed us to push through a house of smoke/water filled memories. The gentle chats, group hugs and always positive energy that are given from Karen’s heart made each of the tough days successful. Never once did we ever hear how tired or frustrated she was from hauling out another bag. If anyone needed anything there was Karen with the item. Her bright eyes and sunshine ways allowed a trustworthy bond to form. She was known to us as “The Iron Fist, In The Velvet Glove”, she can make a hard choice turn into a clarified view that is the best one. I felt very comfortable to share some personal issues, fears and just ways of how can I get through life and the days ahead. Always throwing Karen a head scratcher, she would get back to me with another solid answer… I gave her the name “Magic Karen” because her magic is always working. I’m glad to this day to have met “Magic Karen”, she puts a smile on my face, a bounce in my step and a calmness to fill my day.

Amy T

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