• Making the Most of Your Garage Space

Making the Most of Your Garage Space

Getting the most out of your garage is a must. That space can give you additional storage, usage, and sanity in a busy household. Considering that these areas are often uninsulated, they ideally make for storage and occasional use, rather than regular living areas.

This article will share ideas I’ve developed from previous projects, to best use every inch of space in your garage.

Custom Built-in Storage

Custom builds are always the best way to use every square inch for a purpose. This is also something to consider if you have an awkward layout or plan to use your garage for more than two uses (storage, car park, workshop etc.).

Prefab/Modular Storage Units

While custom built-ins are the best for maximizing space and use, they’re not always the affordable option. No worries! You can find tons of great prefab or modular storage units and shelving options for a good price. Check out Canadian TireLowe’s, and The Home Depot or Home Hardware for more stylish options.

Ceiling Storage

One of a garage’s best assets is the ceiling. This is not a living space bound by décor rules, so use every inch you can. Most hardware stores, like the ones listed previously, will sell equipment and devices for adding storage to ceilings. You can create a loft of sorts for boxes potentially for seasonal storage, or hangers and racks for bikes.

Designated Workspace

You aren’t limited to just storage. Many people use their garage as a workshop, craft area, hobby or mudroom. When using this area for more than just storage, organizing units and systems become important.

Not only do these units keep them organized, they keep things safe too. Having your kids’ mudroom or craft area in the same space as your construction tools presents potential dangers. Well thought out storage solutions can prevent hazards. Consider locked cabinets and elevated shelving.

Year-Round Usage

Most garages aren’t insulated like the rest of the house. Unless you live in a mild climate, Winter and Summer can leave this space unbearable for more than ten minutes.

Invest in space heaters, fans, mats, rugs, and mini-fridges (for a refreshing cold one!) to make the garage more comfortable in extreme weather.

A garage is a hot commodity to have for property owners. Make the most of it! Reach out for ideas to get your garage in tip-top shape! Check out some case studies featured on my website, garage spaces that were organized.