Key Resources for Organizing and Downsizing

The need for a big downsizing move or organizing project can stem from many different reasons. Whatever they may be, you can always stand to use a little help.

Here are a few resources we like to use:

1. Organizing Products

For organizing products, such as storage containers, drawer dividers, cleaning items and more, consider these stores. Dollar stores are an especially good option to keep on budget.

2. Donation Centres

A necessary part of downsizing and organizing is letting go of possessions. Whether you donate them or gift them, these resources are a perfect place to start.

3. Selling Treasures

Donating or trashing old possessions aren’t your only options. For the truly valuable items, both financial and sentimental, selling them is another possibility.

4. Other Inspirational Resources

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. These sites and magazines are a great tool for getting ideas for your next project.

When you’re ready to tackle your next organizing or downsizing job, be sure to give us a call to manage the project and incorporate some of these resources.