Key Resources for a Moving Day

Don’t go through a move on your own; there’s plenty of resources that can help you. Using the different companies, sites and professionals at your disposal can make moving day a breeze.

Solutions 2 Organize U exists to facilitate, manage and arrange all these resources so that you don’t have to. Browse this list of our recommended partners and then get in touch to organize your home or business relocation.

1. Moving Companies

Do a local google search to find lots of great companies in your area or give us a call for more recommendations.

2. Moving Supplies

These supplies would include: boxes, packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, labels, etc.

  • Uline
  • Mississauga Cartons
  • U-Haul
  • Consider collecting reused boxes from those who have recently moved or from moving companies
  • Ask for leftover shipping boxes from local businesses like hardware stores, liquor stores, retail etc.
  • A dolly will be helpful for DIY move

Check with neighbours, friends, businesses, etc to get trusted referrals. Ask companies being considered, for their references.

3. Pet/Children/Older Adults Care

This is another area where you can do a local google search for great recommendations closer to home. Remember to thoroughly read reviews to find your best options. Check with local groomers, as they are a great resource for reputable care for your four-legged family members. For more information on helping your pet through a move, read through our recent blog.

You could benefit from some help with children and senior loved ones living in your residence during the move as well. Ideally, reaching out to other friends or family who know your kids or older loved ones to babysit, or be company during the process, is best. If that’s not an option, research child and home care in your local area.

4. Transportation

Truck rental and transportation may be necessary for your move. Don’t forget the travel arrangements for children, pets and older adults.

Helpful Tips:

Trust us, there is a whole list of things to know for moving that you never thought of. Keep these in mind to save yourself hassle on the big day:

  1. Food & Drinks
    If moving outside the area you are familiar with, research restaurant or take out options in your new area or pack food, snacks & drinks for all
  2. Payment Methods
    Have cash, credit cards or cheques on hand for payment of move or tips

Looking for help on other moving day aspects? Give us a call and we can share more tips and insight!