Home Organizing on a Budget

Everyone can use a little organization in their life but not everyone can afford to break the bank on it. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you organize your home on a budget. These tips will help bring a little order to your house until you’re ready to do a full project.

1. Magnets are your friend

Magnets (strips, surfaces or containers) open up a whole new space for storage: the walls! Without pulling out the tools or spending money on good quality shelves, you can go vertical with your organizing.

Use magnet strips to shelf these items:
– Hair pins
– Kitchen knives and spatulas
– Spice jars
– Nail clippers
– Tools
– Screws, nails etc.

And the list can go on and on. If you’re creative with it, just about anything can go up on the wall with magnets.

2. Repurpose old items

A lot of items can serve several purposes if you’re clever enough to think outside the box. Milk crates are awesome stackable storage baskets, while filing cabinets laid down horizontally (with drawers removed) can act like buckets for large tool dividers.

Take a good look at every old item or piece of furniture you’re ready to toss. Turn it on different sides, imagine different colours, explore all your options. Odds are, there’s a way to use it for organizing!

3. Paint works magic

Something that makes it difficult to see other purposes for old items is their finishes. However, there is an easy and affordable fix!

Head down to your local dollar store, hardware store or arts/crafts store and pick up some basic kid’s acrylic paint. This stuff will work on just about any surface. For larger jobs, there is a huge variety of colours available in spray can form.

4. Around the house items

You’d be surprised how many everyday items can be great organizers, particularly product packaging. A lot of this packaging is designed with organization in mind, so they lend to storage beautifully.

– Egg cartons
– Paint trays
– Cupcake liners
– Baking trays
– Ice cube trays
– Toilet paper rolls
– Old CD racks

All of these items can be used for organizing and storing items like:
– Jewellery
– Christmas decorations
– Wires, cables and cords
– Pins and buttons
– Beads and craft supplies

And virtually anything you can fit in them!

5. Dollar store and donated bargains

Insider tip: a lot of those drawer organizers, mason jars and storage caddies from specialty stores have similar versions in dollar stores. There’s no need to spend so much on smaller items like this when the bargain versions work just as well.

Take a look through one of the larger dollar stores in your area for organizers and storage products.

While we always recommend consulting with a professional when doing major projects, there are a few budget-friendly DIY options for quick fixes. Share some of your genius storage-hacks with us!