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Estate Organizing

Our estate organizing services assist seniors, families, banks, trustees, real estate agents and executors in the process of clearing out an estate.

Our main focus is working with families and other parties recently dealing with the loss of a loved one and helping to sort through the items left behind.

We will gently and compassionately guide you through the task of emptying a home filled with a lifetime of accumulated belongings.

  • Complimentary consultation

    Every project begins with a one-on-one consultation and personalized needs assessment to ensure your needs and goals are clearly addressed.

  • Create an inventory of contents

    To start, we will take a detailed inventory of the estate’s possessions, including furniture, home décor, valuables etc.

  • Sort and organize contents

    We will provide support in carefully deciding which items will be kept, donated, sold and recycled. We will also collect and organize all important papers into a new filing system.

  • Donate, recycle & trash

    We will recommend options for disposing of donated contents, as well as arranging for their pick up/take away. We will provide the safe disposal of household hazardous and electronic waste.

  • Sell or ship contents

    We will give you options for selling estate contents and coordinate with appraisers, auctioneers and consignment shops to make sure beloved items go to a good home. We will also arrange the packing, moving and shipping services, as well as off-site storage if necessary.

  • home repairs & cleaning

    Contractors and any necessary repairs will be scheduled by us, as well as cleaning the home inside and out.

To learn more about how we can help in clearing out yours or a loved one’s estate, give us a call or email to talk further.

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