Different Ways to Dispose of Personal Possessions

If you are downsizing, moving to a new location or settling an estate of a loved one, dispersing of personal property will likely be part of that process. There are a number of ways to dispose of personal belongings. Depending on the amount and type of item, these options would be available:

  1. Auction – This is a common way to dispose of a collection or estate. This is conducted by an auctioneer. Personal belongings from an entire home can be sold this way. Often several estates are combined into one auction. On-line auctions are gaining popularity.
  2. Estate sale – An estate sale generally takes place in a home and is conducted by estate sale professionals. These sales generally contain a higher grade of merchandise than that found at a garage sale. All items from the home can be sold at this sale.
  3. Garage or yard sales – Generally a garage/yard sale is conducted when you have a large quantity of items that are too good to throw out but not strong enough for an auction or an estate sale.
  4. Dealers, private collectors, antique malls, flea markets, museums –  These options are available if you have small quantities of antiques, collectibles and fine arts.
  5. Selling on-line – Websites like eBay, Kijiji, etc are available to sell your items on-line. There are specific websites that offer specific items for sale like wedding dresses.
  6. Consignment shop – Some consignment shops offer general merchandise or are specialized and may offer only furniture and home décor items or clothing. If sold, you would get a percentage of the asking price which is dependent on the amount of time it has been in the shop.
  7. Donation – Items can be offered to charitable and non-profit organizations. For example surplus towels and blankets can be provided to a cat or dog shelter.
  8. Scrap metals – There are likely scrap yards in your area. Contact them to determine the type of material they buy from private individuals.
  9. Gift it –  One possibility instead of selling the item is to gift it to someone that would enjoy and treasure that gift.
  10. Recycle – Check your local area for local businesses, non-profit organizations and municipal facilities that take back materials to be reused, recycled or disposed. Examples could include eye glasses, batteries, automotive parts and fluids, etc.
  11. Garbage – Sometimes there are restrictions in your community regarding the type of garbage that can be collected as well as the number of bags. If this is exceeded, there are dumpsters that can be rented.
  12. Shredding services – Personal papers can be shredded by a shredder. If there are large quantities, they can be taken to a secured shredding company location or some companies offer a service to come to your location.