Your Complete Moving Checklist

Get your move off to a good (and organized) start! Use our detailed checklist, filled with the big items and things you may not have considered, to keep things on track.

3 Months Before Move

  • Inventory possessions:
    – Items used regularly, occasionally, rarely, never
    – Need vs want
  • Sort items into categories:
    – Keep, donate, sell, gift, garbage
    More helpful tips on sorting/downsizing
  • Research new neighbourhood:
    – Restaurants
    – Clinics/medical offices/hospitals
    – Shopping centres, grocery stores, hardware stores
    – Pet stores & veterinary care, if necessary
    – Repair centres (technology, cars, etc.)
  • Create binder of all moving information
    – Receipts, estimates, maps, confirmations etc.
  • Begin packing items not needed daily

1 Month Before Move

  • Change utilities over to new home, including:
    – Hydro
    – Water
    – Gas
    – Cable
    – Phones
    – Internet
  • Put stop on any automatic payments for those items that would not apply to your new location (ie condo fees, property taxes, etc)
  • Research moving companies:
    – Rates, coverage, reviews, on-site/written estimates etc.
  • Identify items that cannot be moved by companies (ex. plants, pets):
    – Arrange for those to be moved by you
  • Meet with children’s school to transfer records, if necessary
  • Have medical records transferred to new practitioner, if necessary
  • Purchase moving supplies:
    – Boxes, tape, plastic wrap etc.
  • Take measurements of new home as soon as you can
    – Ensure furniture will fit in rooms and through doorways
    Using a floor plan to organize a move
  • Begin packing as much as possible, leaving only few items needed on daily basis (ie. clothes, food, toiletries etc.)
  • Go to local post office or online to do a change of address
  • Notify parties of move, some include but not limited to:
    – Banks
    – Employer
    – Subscriptions
    – Credit cards/insurance
    – Government offices
    – House cleaners
    – Yard maintenance companies
  • Arrange for time off from employer for moving day

48-24 Hours Before Move

  • Use up perishable food items
  • Pack all remaining items, leaving an ‘overnight bag’ to cover daily items during transition period (ex. toiletries, clothes, snacks etc.)
  • Label all items:
    – Content in boxes
    – Where in new house they’ll be unpacked
  • Reconfirm arrangements and times with moving company
  • Refill any critical prescriptions
  • If taking fridge or freezer with you: empty, clean and defrost before move
  • Drain oil and gas from appliances/equipment, such as lawn mower, grills etc.
  • Double check moving binder for directions, confirmations etc.
  • Have payment for movers ready (plus tip)
  • Plan food arrangements for moving day (ie. snacks, fast food etc.)

Moving Day

  • Keep pets isolated from commotion, or ideally leave them with overnight pet care. More tips included in our “Moving with Pets: Before, During & After” blog
  • Supervise moving company for handling items with care and unloading in appropriate areas
  • Do a final walk-through of home before closing-up
  • Deliver old keys to solicitor, if not done before move day
  • Pick up keys to new home from appropriate party, if not done before move day
  • If necessary, clean new home before unpacking and placing items
  • Unpack essentials

Post-Moving Day

  • Unpack non-essential items
  • Arrange furniture and decorate
  • Follow up and keep an eye on mail, utilities etc. to ensure they have transferred over properly
  • Change address on driver’s license and health card
    – By law, you must update license/vehicle permit within 6 days after address change and within 30 days for your health card

Congratulations on your new home! We hope this list made things go easier. Let us know if there’s anything we missed, so we can make this list as helpful as possible. Don’t forget the most important step: get out there and enjoy your new neighbourhood!