Document Collection for Estate Organizing

Once you reach an age where you have any assets, even just a steady income, you need to think about document organization. The closer you get to retirement, the more important it becomes.

Organizing a Family Member’s Estate: What to Expect

Organizing the estate of a loved one after they’ve passed is a difficult process, emotionally and logistically. The executor will have the most responsibility in this situation and if you are assisting in the process, look to them for instruction.

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer or Senior Move Manager

What’s the difference between bringing in a professional for your organization overhaul and doing it yourself?  Ultimately, it’s the difference between a disaster and a success. 

Different Ways to Dispose of Personal Possessions

If you are downsizing, moving to a new location or settling an estate of a loved one, dispersing of personal property will likely be part of that process. There are a number of ways to dispose of personal belongings.