Multi-Generation Home Organizing: Living with Your Parents

So, your life has come full circle: you’re living with your parents again. Only this time, they moved in with you.

Key Resources for Organizing and Downsizing

The need for a big downsizing move or organizing project can stem from many different reasons. Whatever they may be, you can always stand to use a little help.

11 Things You Don’t Need: So Purge Them Now!

Before your pile of ‘stuff’ reaches Everest proportions, let’s take a realistic look at those items. When it comes down to it, you just don’t need them.

Back in the Nest: Handling a Child Moving Back Home

After a brief spell as empty nesters, more and more parents are welcoming their adult children back home. This is happening at a high rate, for many different reasons:

Cleaning House: Purging Sentimental Clutter

Our sentimentality towards objects usually goes beyond simple attachment – it’s about the memory or feeling that the object represents.  The stronger the memory, the harder it is to let go.  Unfortunately, holding on too tight can lead to a cluttered home! Use these five steps to help you let go of your sentimental items.

Alternative Retirement Living Options

There are commonly known staples for retirement living options: assisted living, retirement residences, purchasing a condo and/or downsizing.  Few know that the options actually go well beyond that. No person’s retirement scenario is the exact same and your options should be just as varied.

10 Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer or Senior Move Manager

What’s the difference between bringing in a professional for your organization overhaul and doing it yourself?  Ultimately, it’s the difference between a disaster and a success. 

Helping Parents Move: Being Proactive with Downsizing Discussions

Bringing up potentially moving or downsizing is often a tricky subject for adult children.  It’s unpleasant for a number of reasons:

Helping Senior Loved Ones to Downsize

The prospect of moving, let alone downsizing, is especially daunting for seniors.  For them, they face potentially letting go of decades worth of memories.  It’s our job as a loved one to aid them in the process: bringing up the topic, easing their fears and aiding in the actual transition.

Top 15 Tips to Survive Downsizing

The build up and planning of your big downsizing strategy is half the battle.  With these 15 downsizing tips, we’ve got you covered right up to moving day.