Case Study – Senior Downsizing

To provide an efficient and stress-free move for a senior relocating to a new retirement residence that was more appropriate for her specific needs.

Project Process:
We began with a consultation and needs assessment, as we do with all of our projects. This helped to establish the primary goals and best strategies.

Using the information gathered in this consultation, we created a detailed moving plan along with a work plan, which included daily goals that could be revised as needed during the course of the project.

The major work began by sorting through the client’s existing possessions to determine which could fit in her new residence and which were most important to her.

We encouraged her to pick out the items she enjoyed most, regardless of style or condition. By bringing a few of these items with her, it brought continuity and familiarity to the new place, and preserved that feeling of ‘home’.

Using photos and descriptions from the client, we set up the new residence to resemble her old home as much as possible. For example, the kitchen cupboards were set up according to the same system as her original place.

Given the smaller square footage, her two-piece sets of furniture that were originally used separately, were combined into one unit.

Every step of the process was communicated and documented for the client, while working with her approval at all points. At the end of the project, we wrapped up with a follow-up discussion, to ensure she was happy with the results.

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