Case Study – Garage Solutions


To organize and convert a garage workspace that the client could use as a workshop and for woodworking.

Project Process:
After an initial consultation, we began by taking stock of all the contents in the client’s garage. Items were sorted into categories: stay in the workshop, go to the backyard shed, or move elsewhere.

Items for donation were taken to local organizations and any hazardous/electronic waste was taken to the Halton Waste Management Site.

To construct a proper workshop environment, a general contractor (By Hammer and Hand Construction) completed the following:

  • Removed current wallboard
  • Installed new electrical and ceiling lighting
  • Installed new drywall ceiling and insulation
  • Installed chink pine siding on walls
  • Installed new insulated garage door with windows to allow for natural light

Following the renovations, we discussed organizing product options with the client. The priority was to design a storage plan that would minimize the collection of woodworking sawdust on tools and equipment. We took precise measurements of the tools and usable space to get the perfect size cabinets for their needs.

Gladiator Garageworks (from the Whirlpool Corporation) items were the main storage units chosen. Their online design tool was also used to create a workshop floor plan.

Four mobile, solid-maple top storage gearboxes on castors were chosen to increase space. Since a large solid surface wasn’t always required, we picked the mobile boxes so that they could be assembled and disassembled as needed. The four boxes together created a larger flat work surface.

Three tall cabinets and a 30” wall storage gearbox were also purchased for extra storage. Various baskets and organizers were found at Dollarama and Home Depot to further add function and save on the budget. Orbis recycle bin hanging brackets from Canadian Tire were another great addition that made efficient use of vertical space on the walls and door to suspend the bins.

Finally, we finished the space by hardwiring it for cable TV and internet connectivity in the future. Since the existing concrete floor was left, we recommended the client purchase rubber mats to minimize fatigue during extended periods of standing in the shop.


To organize garden tools and other items in garage.

Project Process:
This client’s garage makeover began with our needs assessment and inventory of items. The existing contents were sorted into those that would stay and those that would be purged.

After selecting the appropriate wall for hanging garden equipment, precise measurements were taken of tools and the space.

For the hanging rails, we used a length of 2×4” SPF lumber cut to the appropriate size. It was then painted white to match the client’s décor tastes.

The rail was first laid out on the floor to determine the correct spacing needed for each item. Once that was finalized, we located the wall studs and secured the rail using wood screws. Rubber coated hooks were purchased at Home Depot and then installed on the hanging rail.

This project was finished by hanging the client’s garden tools up and having a post-project follow-up with the client. A quick organization solution made all the difference to this space!

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