Case Study – Estate Organizing

To get the home ready to sell and remove all contents after the home was sold.

Project Process:
A phone consultation was conducted with the client since she resided out of province. Arrangements were made with her mother’s neighbour for us to visit the home. Afterword, a checklist was reviewed to determine the scope of work.

A customized plan was then prepared, which defined specific tasks to get the home ready to sell:

  • Preparing a furniture plan that identified what would be done with each item (ie. for family, sell, donate, e-waste, etc.)
  • Decluttering the home
  • Staging the home, which included:
    • the removal and repositioning of some furniture to open up the space
    • removal of personal photos
    • making beds
    • removal of perishable food items
    • donation of medical aids
  • Cleaning of the home

Once the home was sold and the closing date was determined, the plan was executed to remove the home’s contents. Working from the furniture plan, arrangements were made to take items to charity and to the waste management site. Items to remain with the new owners were identified. Items that our client wished to keep, were shipped to her.

It was important to our client to leave the home clean for the new owners, therefore a secondary cleaning was arranged.

After every session, our client was updated on the progress and provided photos of the space. These updates were especially important, as she did not live in the area. After the new owners took possession, we followed up with our client to ensure they were satisfied as well.

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