Document Collection for Estate Organizing

Once you reach an age where you have any assets, even just a steady income, you need to think about document organization. The closer you get to retirement, the more important it becomes.

Your Complete Moving Checklist

Get your move off to a good (and organized) start! Use our detailed checklist, filled with the big items and things you may not have considered, to keep things on track.

Multi-Generation Home Organizing: Living with Your Parents

So, your life has come full circle: you’re living with your parents again. Only this time, they moved in with you.

Preparing a Floor Plan

The floor plan: a critical piece of the organizing puzzle that you rarely hear about during a big move. This tool has many benefits. It can:

Financial Organizing: Getting Your Documents in Order

This time of year, tax season is fresh on the mind and we bet the most frustrating part is getting all your financial documents in order. Your assets, finances, investments, receipts: these documents should be the most organized and accessible documents in your home.

Key Resources for Organizing and Downsizing

The need for a big downsizing move or organizing project can stem from many different reasons. Whatever they may be, you can always stand to use a little help.

Key Resources for a Moving Day

Don’t go through a move on your own; there’s plenty of resources that can help you. Using the different companies, sites and professionals at your disposal can make moving day a breeze.

Reorganizing the Home for a Disability

Reorganizing your home to allow an independent lifestyle for a person with a physical disability is usually not a DIY project. That doesn’t mean it’s a pipe dream either.

Moving with Pets: Before, During and After

If you thought moving was stressful for you, just imagine what it’s like for your pets. They thrive off routine and have no idea why their precious home is disappearing room by room.

Home Organizing on a Budget

Everyone can use a little organization in their life but not everyone can afford to break the bank on it. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you organize your home on a budget. These tips will help bring a little order to your house until you’re ready to do a […]