• In the Bag: Organizing Your Wallet and Purse

In the Bag: Organizing Your Wallet and Purse

If only purses like Mary Poppins’ existed in the real world: a convenient size with everything you need inside. Maybe we’ll get those someday. Until then, a well-organized purse and wallet are what you need!

Here’s how to do it:

1. Size

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a purse with lots of space must be in want of things to fill it. So, don’t get something bigger than you need! If you typically only carry your wallet and phone, get something small like a clutch. If you tend to keep everything and the kitchen sink on hand, go for a tote bag.

But different occasions call for different purses, you say! You’re right! For organization’s sake, it’s better to invest in a few purse options, rather than aiming for ‘one size fits all’.

Have one small clutch, every day purse and tote bag on hand. Points if your tote bag can double as a beach bag, gym bag or carry-on item!

2. Receipts and cards

Receipts, gift cards, coupons, credit cards; these are the things that make a wallet bulge. They also tend to sit in a wallet for longer than necessary.

You should only keep receipts on hand for 30 days; that’s how long most return policies last. Receipts for tax purposes should be filed away in the home, not sitting in your wallet for months on end.

Every month you should double check your coupons to make sure they haven’t expired. Ideally, coupons can be left at home until needed, but if you’re a spur of the moment shopper just stay on top of them.

When you use a gift card, either wrap it in the most recent receipt or write the remaining balance on the gift card. Throw it away as soon as it hits zero. Too often, gift cards sit in the wallet for ages with the assumption that there must be a few cents left!

3. Trinkets

If left long enough, trinkets and little things begin to pile up. Eventually you end up with a time capsule of items you don’t need. Downsize the little things you keep in your purse or wallet with the same mindset you would with belongings in your home.

Be honest with yourself: do you actually need that item? Consider gifting or donating it if you can’t justify throwing it away.

4. Compartments

No loose objects in your purse! That’s what true tidiness feels like. In your bag, you should have your wallet, a make-up or toiletries baggie and another Ziploc or small pouch for small, loose items.

Of course, everyone has different needs. Always be cautious when adding more than those core three compartments. That’s when things start rapidly tumbling into disorganized territory.

5. Cleaning

Your purse and wallet should get a major cleaning every quarter. Take everything out, downsize items you don’t need and wash or vacuum out the bottom, if necessary.

If your bags get regular wear and tear, this might be a good time to shop for a new one. You’ll likely be swapping purses anyway, if you’re a ‘bag for every season’ kind of gal.

You know your habits better than anyone. Start with these tips and then develop a purse organizing routine that is personalized to you. The trick is not letting your bags go too long without a good cleaning. Set a date aside every few months and stick to it.

Want more tips for keeping your baggage chaos to a minimum? Get in touch!